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Grantmaking at the Foundation in 2021
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Foundation-directed grants 2022

The Foundation awards grants to nonprofits through an application process managed by our Program Department. Funding decisions are made based on how well a proposal connects to the Foundation’s strategic focus areas:  Self-Sufficient Individuals and FamiliesHealthy CommunitiesVibrant Democracy and Community Projects. (As of January 2023, we have adjusted our strategic grantmaking to better serve the community. Learn about our new grant-making priorities.)

Medical research funding is supported by donors who made past bequests to the Foundation and spur medical advances through grants under the stewardship of our Program and Policy staff. Learn about current medical research grant opportunities. Please note that medical research funds may not be used for university/institute overhead or for tuition. 

Foundation-Directed Grants Listing

Grantmaking 2022 donor grants

Fund holders at the Foundation donate across a wide range of causes in the region. They provide support to nonprofit organizations through grants made from their donor-advised, committee-advised, agency endowment and designated funds. Grants are recommended by fund holders, with oversight by Foundation staff and approval by the Board of Directors.  Read more about starting a fund.

Donor Grants Listing

Total Grants 2022

Note: A Current Distribution Fund is established when the Foundation agrees to act as a convener around critical issues in the community. The Foundation holds pooled funds from a group of foundations and/or other funders who then act as a committee in disbursing funds to charities that address said critical issues. 



The Foundation oversees more than 300 Scholarship funds, awarding approximately $2.3 million in scholarships annually, and through collaborative Program Initiative programming including Critical Needs Alert giving events, Giving Circles, and Small and Mighty and Social Justice Fund grant programs.